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PM Electric Fire And Security Electrical Services

Panel Upgrade

In most Residential and old commercial places there is lots of difficulty which people are facing whit like overload circuits, no space on existing panel for additional outlet or lights due to remodeling the house or upgrade HVAC equipment.
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Residential and Commercial Wiring

Our company is proud of lots of residential and commercial jobs in our resume.
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Standby Generators

Stand by generators are one of the most emergency equipment that needs to be maintain in a monthly basis in order to have a safe and non-interruptible operation.
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Exterior and interior lighting

Our design team is experienced with all indoor and outdoor retrofit projects around the bay area. All project has been done with result of low cost and most satisfaction for our customers.
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HVAC and Building Management System Monitoring & Installation

Our company has a dedicated crew for all building management system (BMS) which can help commercial customers fix, troubleshoot, replace whole system with all upgraded technology of HVAC equipment and provide all web base control in order to access your system from any place and easy control over your entire system with many different users in your choices and options.
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